March 22, 2023
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The Game

I just had an epiphany. It is a few years too late, but still worth noting.

In high school when I wanted something, I played a game with my mom.

“Hey can I go out tonight?”

“Sure,” (for the record, the process from asking to go out and getting the go ahead was more complicated.)

“What about, like, sleep out, maybe?”


“Okay, but can I sleep out?”


“That’s fair, but I want to.”

The fact that she strait up said no multiple times didn’t faze me. It was expected; minor speed bumps in the argument as a whole.

It’s crazy the game we play with our parents to get things.

“Mom will you pay for my hair cut? Just a reminder that you paid for Leah’s last year,” I’ll ask. Leah is my older sister.

“You mean when I paid for her to get a hair cut before her college graduation?”

“Oh, that was the occasion? Well yes, then, that time. You paid for it, so can you pay for mine?”

This happens every time I want a hair cute, or some money or anything that my sister might have ever gotten. My mom despises when I compare stuff to how my sister was treated at my age, but I find it fairly clutch evidence for my claims.

Sorry to all the moms out there who have to deal with us refusing to accept no as an answer. At least I made the realization today how annoying it is. For the record, I’m not going to stop, but I’m sure it makes you feel better that I acknowledge it now.