November 30, 2022
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The Garden Route

I’ve always had long drives to and from Ithaca but they are usually marked by boredom and monotonous landscapes. This has made me hate long drives (the fact that I am very prone to car sickness also influences this). Fortunately the Garden Route in South Africa has made me a believer in long, beautiful, scenic drives.

Our adventure was three days long. We left Cape Town at five AM (a horrible hour), boarded a bus, and started our six-hour drive. As soon as we left the city, we entered a spectacular mountain range. Forget the White Mountains or the Rockies; these mountains will blow your mind. They rise up out of nowhere and the paths through them are high and treacherous.

Also on the Garden Route are a bunch of tourist attractions (such as the ostrich farm and African cat sanctuary in my other posts) and a lot of wildlife. Seriously, it got to the point when we saw baboons by the side of the road it stopped being interesting.

So enjoy my photos of the beautiful South African mountain ranges!


The South African countryside



These mountains were created by tectonic plates colliding and pushing the crust up.


A pass through one of the mountain ranges.


We made it to the Indian Ocean!



People always say the africa sunset is amazing.