March 23, 2023
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The Next Netflix Invasion


As some of you may have seen, Netflix has recently stepped into a new area of media streaming unlike anything we’ve seen before. Netflix has taken upon themselves to pay a large sum of money to get exclusive rights to stream The Blacklist season 2.

What’s so special about this you may ask? Why is this any different from the hundreds of shows Netflix already streams? The answer is actually quite simple; The Blacklist season 2 hasn’t aired yet. That’s right, Netflix has boldly approached the NBC show to sign an exclusive deal, preventing any other platform from showing The Blacklist episodes, including the commonly affiliated Hulu Plus.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist


Many of you may be thinking, wow this seems like a great move for Netlfix. The Blacklist was NBC’s only glimmer of light in their very weak fall lineup last year, so Netlfix jumping on the streaming rights seems like a great call right?

The issue is that Netflix has paid a whopping $44 Millions dollars for the series amounting to $2 Million dollars an episode. This deal has gone down as the largest on demand TV deal in history, all for a show that got slightly above average views from other NBC shows.

The only thing that will inform us about weather this was a good deal or not is how many people decide to watch the series. However, another issue arises then, as Netflix refuses to give out their viewing numbers to the public. This leaves the public and the industry unaware if this strategy will be successful.

Question: What do you watch on Netflix

Question: What do you watch on Netflix

I took it to myself to see what people mainly used Netlfix before, and although my results below are minimal, it is still abundantly clear that the majority of people do use Netflix to watch TV shows they haven’t seen before. Maybe Netflix made the right call or maybe they didn’t. One thing is for certain, is that the public will most likely never know.