December 9, 2022
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Tic Toc

%image_alt%I remember the first time my dad mentioned You Tube to me.

“Have you seen Tube You?” he said. He tends to do that, switch around the words in things. Common ones include him asking us to watch “Face Scar” and “The Dude’s Lebowski.”

“What are you saying?” my sister and I said. We had never heard of whatever it was he was trying to talk about. It turned out that he had found a video about cats or bricks or grills or something else he is obsessed with.

Like almost nothing else, my dad was ahead of the curve. Since that Summer day in 2005, You tube has only grown in popularity and clearly this is all because my dad found out about it.

I don’t go to You Tube as much as I would like to, I’ll admit. I never know the new video’s and I don’t watch a lot of them even when someone brings them up. I went through a brief phase senior year of high school where every morning I would watch a video or two, but it never got serious. I don’t do well with commitment.

Considering my relatively short attention span, it’s hard for a video to really captivate me, but when they do I like to share them with people. The most recent one is Tic Toc Parody, and I have to say that it’s hands down one of the best things I’ve seen. No awkward situation came of it, it’s just funny.

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