October 4, 2022
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Tournament Time

There are some sports where I can just watch them or at least follow them all season long. NFL Football, NHL hockey-these are sports where I have favorite teams and try to catch as many games as I can.

Then there are those sports where I don’t have a favorite team but still check the scores everyday anyhow, like MLB or the NBA. And then there are those sports where I really don’t check them as much but still make the time to catch the big moments.

That’s how I am with college basketball. Am I going to watch a Syracuse-Gonzaga game on a Saturday afternoon in December on CBS? Probably not. Am I going to watch a Bills-Dolphins game on that same network the following day in December? God help me, I probably am.

But just because I don’t follow major college hoops from October to April doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy March Madness as much as everyone else. On the contrary, I love it.

Finding out about colleges I’ve never heard of before like Wofford and Morehead State, watching major upsets (I’m thoroughly jealous of my fellow Buffalonians who were at HSBC Arena when VCU beat Duke in 2007), ridiculous game winning shots, it’s all good.

During the first round, I’ve enjoyed watching CBS switch from game to game to game then back to the first round though I can’t say I’m too heartbroken by TBS, TNT and TruTV joining in the coverage this year and allowing us to actually catch full games. I enjoy seeing breakout stars like Stephen Curry.

And I love watching CBS’ Gus Johnson in his element, going happily berserk during an excited game and unlike most announcers who get really excited, generally not because he’s a “homer” for a particular team.

So what are your favorite things about March Madness? Tell us below in the comments.