January 29, 2023
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Tube Tales!

Hey There!

Hope that you’re all doing well! Here are some updates and quick stories about my ICLC experiences with public transportation here in London!

Tube Tales logo



Tube Page 2

Tube page 1 copy

pig page 2

sketch tube

Tube Sketches

pig page 1

pig page 3

pig page 2 real

bird buddha copy

buskers copy

cant breathe page 1

cant breathe page 2

Doctor Who Page 1

Dr Who Page 2

Doctor Who Page 5

Doctor Who Page 4 copy


Thanks for reading!

For more of my work, pick up a copy of The Ithacan on campus this week and flip to the Editorial Section or the Diversions page for a look at Moonshoes!

~Allie 🙂

tube allie