March 26, 2023
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Tumblin’ in Style

Seeing as how I only made my first tumblr account this summer, I think it’s safe to say that I was a little late to the whole tumblr trend. However, while tumblr can be a great way to produce awesomeness to share with all your followers (in my case, my very small band of followers,) I find myself looking for style inspiration on style tumblrs. Most of my favorite bloggers have corresponding tumblrs (read: The Man Repeller, who’s my personal hero) as well as many design houses and many major publications, like WWD. Basically, the fashion community is out there and tumblin’ has never been so chic. BUT ANYWAYS. Sorry, I’m getting distracted here talking about how much I love tumblr not to mention how much of my time I waste procrastinating on it. I just discovered John Jannuzzi’s (Lucky mag editor and irreverent Tweeter extraordinaire) delightfully witty and sartorially savvy Textbook tumblr. I’d already read his adorable To My Wife tumblr (even though I didn’t know he authored it at the time), but now I’m obsessed with Textbook. Basically, he takes literary or pop culture or even historical figures and imagines outfits for them. From Mrs. Dalloway to the kids from Harry Potter, he imagines fantastical fashion forays for them. My personal favorite is his most recent selection for my favorite “It Girl” of all time, Alexa Chung. So log on and check it out – happy tumblin’!