March 23, 2023
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“Undefeated” will be the best documentary you’ll have watched in a while

I’d rather you spend the two hours to watch this documentary than read this whole blog. Watch the preview and if that doesn’t entice you enough, take a lap. It’s not on Netflix and I’m not sure I’m legally allowed to endorse illicit websites, but if you’ve heard of “Google”, I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

If you think you’ve got it rough, head on down to Manassas, TN. You probably are bumming about having to go to an hour and fifteen minute class and moaning about having to walk outside in the cold. These guys are dealing with poverty and zero parents and just itching to get into college.

This documentary follows the Manassas Tigers high school football team through a full season. It won the Oscar for best documentary in 2011, so it’s legit. It’s Friday Night Lights, but without Hollywood. “Raw” would be a decent word to describe it, but yet “raw” doesn’t give it justice. It’s raw but not in a bad sense, it’s raw because it needs to be. It’s real.

If you think you’re tough, watch this. Walk up to me and say you didn’t cry. I only didn’t cry because I watched it with my dad and it would’ve been pretty awkward if I just started openly weeping.

The next time you have two hours to spare, it would be a massive error to not watch this documentary.