December 4, 2022
Ithaca, NY


UNH reverses decision to keep energy drinks off the shelves

The University of New Hampshire made national news this week when President Mark Huddleston reversed plans to remove energy drinks from on campus stores as part of an effort to achieve the institution’s goal of becoming the nation’s healthiest campus by 2020.

The college’s office of media relations issued a statement Monday that it would no longer sell energy drinks in its retail and vending locations starting in January. David May, assistant vice president for business affairs, cited several reasons for discontinuing sale of the drinks including dangerous levels of caffeine and the hazards associated with mixing them with alcohol.

An editorial in the school’s newspaper argued against the removal of energy drinks on campus despite a recent incident where a student had to go to the hospital after consuming one. The publication’s editorial staff also saw the move as hypocritical, stating that students and faculty would still be sold coffee, soda and other caffeinated drinks under the ban.

Energy drinks were banned in my high school where the same double standard of faculty drinking coffee arose. There is no doubt that energy drinks such as Red Bull and Full Throttle cause harm to your health, not to mention the putrid taste of most of them. But if college is really about making informed choices on your own, shouldn’t students be allowed the opportunity to purchase a beverage they can legally consume?