December 8, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F


Web MD

With the help of WebMD—which does not in fact stand for Maryland—I have decided that I am showing signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. Well, it would have to be really early onset, but I am forgetting things, regardless.

It started with a jacket and school identification card. I lost them Friday night, though I can’t seem to remember where.

After the jacket and ID came the loss of my beloved Camelbak hydration pack. I do, however, know where that incident took place: I lost it while playing in a cardboard castle at a nearby preschool. Whether that was before or after my external hard drive was misplaced, I can’t remember. But these all seem to be interconnected.

Contrary to my watching “Dexter,” my sense of memory is not heighted as much as the others, such as paranoia and a keen eye for blood.