December 4, 2022
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Wonderful Things.

Hey there blog, how are you?

So I am the worst and I haven’t posted in way too long. I’ve been drowning in internship applications and homework and I always seem to get sick at the worst times in the semester. But I’m back and I’ll be sticking to a more regular schedule for the rest of the semester.

I’ve been posting about some pretty serious topics on here lately, so today I thought we’d take a break and focus on the positive. Just a warning, this post will probably be incredibly cheesy but I’m completely okay with that. Through all the stress, commitments and assignments, I really want to take a moment to focus on the wonderful things that have been happening in my life lately.


I’m going to write this post for myself in the future as something to look back on when I’m drowning in obligations and homework and other stresses and take the time to highlight some good things that have been happening for me. Consider this a continuation of my suggestions for how to take care of yourself and set aside a moment to remember the good things in your life.


Here we go:


1) 40 Degree Weather in Ithaca and Running for the First Time This Semester

Sometimes all it takes is a little sunlight to make my day a little better. There’s something about being able to stand outside in shorts and breath in fresh air after months of snow and piercing cold wind that’s just amazing. I was able to actually go running outside and relieve some stress. Here in Ithaca, we have to appreciate the transient beautiful days when we get them.

2) Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Over the past couple of weeks I have been burying myself in cover letters, writing samples, and resumes all in hopes that I will get the chance to move to Washington DC this summer (fingers crossed) to complete an internship. I’ve only lived in tiny towns in middle-of-nowhere areas of New York State and I’m so proud of myself for trying to break out of that bubble and move somewhere completely new.  Dream big, you know?

3) Giving Back

Speaking of summer, I recently applied to volunteer at a camp for children with chronic illnesses and I’m happy to say that I’ll be there for a few weeks this August. I spent the past few years working in childcare and as a camp counselor in my hometown and I always obsess over how many hours I’m working and how much money I’m going to make. I really wanted to step away from that kind of attitude and apply those skills I’ve learned at an organization that needs volunteers.

4) My Internship with The Advocacy Center

I’m so incredibly grateful for the professional opportunities that I’ve had while interning at The Advocacy Center. I’ve had the chance to really get involved and facilitate education programs to raise awareness of sexual violence. I’m currently working to bring peer education based bystander intervention programs to campus that will hopefully continue in the coming years here at Ithaca College. I finally feel like I’m making a real, tangible difference.


I’m also proud of the research that I’ve been doing on campus activism which has helped me develop educational materials and resources on Title IX, Consent, and ways to get involved in activist efforts to reduce sexual violence. I feel like the work I’m doing might inspire other people to take action and that’s awesome. I’m working so hard and I think it’s going to pay off. I wanted to see change on campus, I’m taking steps to make it happen.

5) This blog

In 2013, my Dad bought me as a Christmas present. He told me that if I want to be a writer professionally, I need to build up my online presence. Here’s a little secret about me, I used to be really scared of the internet. The thought of putting my life online and hitting the post button and sending out information about myself that could never be retrieved to the world terrified me. I wrote several blog posts for that website and I was always too afraid to post them until now. I made it my goal to overcome that fear in 2015. And here I am.

6) Doing Things

When I was in high school, I had this notebook where I would write down different goals that I wanted to accomplish, but I would never actually take any steps to actually achieve them. Pointless, right? But this year I’ve actually been doing things. I want to move out of upstate New York for the summer so I’m submitting tons of applications, I wanted to work to help prevent sexual violence on campus and raise awareness, so I’m setting up programs, I wanted to start putting myself out there more, and here I am posting on this online platform. Each day I’m taking steps to be where I want to end up in the future. ​


I know this post is a total cheesy cheese cheese-fest, but there a million reasons to be happy every single day and I encourage you to remind yourself of all the reasons why your life is awesome. Even when things suck, there is still at least one reason why your day was great. Take a moment and remember that.


What are the wonderful things in your life?


All the best,