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Lady's Liberty

Girl power can’t look past racism

By Ramya Vijayagopal December 4, 2013

Lily Allen, a British recording artist and actress, released a new song called “Hard Out Here” on Nov. 17. This upbeat, sarcastic girl-power anthem reached No. 9 on the charts in the United Kingdom. It’s...

Daughters lose right to virginity

By Ramya Vijayagopal November 21, 2013

My Introduction to Sociology class has brought many issues to my attention that I was completely oblivious to before college. One of the most obscure and extreme ones that got my blood boiling was the...

Cyrus’s twerking vulgarizes dance

By Ramya Vijayagopal November 21, 2013

Though she has gained recent attention in mainstream media for her twerking and revealing costumes, what people have to be conscious about is Miley Cyrus’s racial power play. Cyrus’s scanty clothing...

Media exposes body image issue

By Ramya Vijayagopal November 13, 2013

Body image is a messy problem. Misconceptions about issues that surround body image lead to intolerance of certain people and acceptance of others. Mainstream culture isn’t making this any easier. Lululemon...

New Miss America represents us all

By Ramya Vijayagopal September 26, 2013

Last Monday, when I read about the racist and hateful reactions of a small, yet vocal, part of the population to the newest Miss America, Nina Davuluri, I cried. As I read these comments, each one stung...

Women blamed for systemic issues

By Ramya Vijayagopal September 12, 2013

There is no question that sexual assault is a problem. What is arguably a bigger problem, however, is how societies perceive this issue throughout the world. According to a CNN iReport in August, a...

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