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Review: Holiday film reveals Vanessa Hudgens can’t hold three roles

The Princess Switch: Switched Again


“The Princess Switch: Switched Again” is the generic sequel to director Mike Rohl’s 2018 Netflix Christmas film “The Princess Switch.” The film incorporates long-lost love, friendship and the Christmas feel everyone craves during this time of year. 

When Duchess Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens) inherits the throne of the fictional Montenaro, she is deeply saddened to have ruined her relationship with her long-lost love, Kevin (Nick Sagar), a baker from a small town. Kevin and Duchess Margaret had trouble keeping their relationship afloat because of their opposite lifestyles, and they are forced to break up. However, their feelings remain the same. Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens), Margaret’s best friend, takes matters into her own hands to help mend this broken relationship — that is, until Margaret’s cousin, Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens), steps in the middle of Stacy’s plans, ruining everything.

This film is family-friendly and perfect for the holidays. It’s the ideal movie to put on while parents are busy around the house and need to keep the kids occupied.

As fun-loving and pleasant as the film is, the acting was not as spot on as the first movie. It is dry and lacks any true emotion. Every role is distinct from the others, but Hudgens doesn’t perfect any of them in this movie. The acting is cringeworthy and unsatisfactory. In instances where the audience was supposed to feel some sort of sadness or anguish for the characters, all the actors failed to portray true emotions. It is a Hallmark or Lifetime film in every way but name, with cute romances, Christmas decorations in every scene and a cheesy and predictable ending.

 The actors have better performances in “The Princess Switch” in which Hudgens excelled in the roles of Margaret and Stacy. “The Princess Switch” also had a much easier storyline to follow and brought a much sweeter feel to a Christmas movie instead of the “The Princess Switch: Switched Again,” which was more chaotic and difficult to follow because of Fiona’s meddling. 

Despite this, the chosen setting is stunning in the sequel. With a budget of $10 million, it’s no surprise that the scenery in the film was breathtaking. Margaret’s fabulous castle is the Hopetoun House in Scotland. Places like the Glasgow Cathedral are also filmed onsite to really make this movie come alive. Rohl couldn’t have chosen a more impeccable backdrop. During the holidays, audiences really look forward to a snowy and fantastical movie, and “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” succeeds in that regard.

All in all, for anyone interested in a cheesy movie for the holidays, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” is the right pick. It’s the ideal corny Christmas movie to throw viewers into the Christmas spirit during the most wonderful time of the year.