March 20, 2023
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Review: Seth Meyers stand-up special is fresh and comedic

Lobby Baby


Seth Meyers’ stand-up comedy Netflix special, “Lobby Baby,” is light-hearted and genuinely funny. The title of his Netflix show is inspired by the dramatic birth of his second son in his apartment lobby. Meyers shares hilarious stories about his childhood, parenthood and marriage while including jokes about politics and religion to spice up his material.

After Meyers’ first son was almost born in an Uber, he and his wife thought they were being proactive the second time by leaving their apartment as soon as his wife started having contractions. But the baby had other plans — to be born in the lobby, hence the title of his show. In his special, Meyers’ humor is hilarious when he recounts the birth. He is self-aware of his faults, and he uses them to his advantage. Meyers’ storytelling is both entertaining and heartwarming as he depicts himself as the sidekick to his superhero wife.

In his new role as a father, Meyers explains how he hopes to emulate his own father as a disciplinarian. Meyers is able to make intricate jokes about fatherhood that are relatable to almost anyone because he focuses on his instincts as both a human and a father. He also shared an anecdote from his childhood involving a tree stump and a bulldozer. After several attempts to have the tree stump removed, Meyers’ father lies down in front of the bulldozer and asks to be run over instead because the tree stump is giving him too much trouble. Stories like these remind the audience where Meyers gets his humor because he has credited his father in being a monumental part of his comedic endeavors. 

A section of Meyers’ comedy special was strictly dedicated to political jokes in which the online audience had the option of skipping. Meyers cleverly added a joke toward the end where those who opted out of the political commentary would be inclined to rewind. Meyers’ political jokes work well because he isn’t afraid to take creative risks that are funny without being offensive.

During the last third of his performance, he embodied his wife and poked fun at himself from a different perspective. The everyday conversations between Meyers and his wife are crucial in portraying Meyers as an effortless comedian while emphasizing how dedicated he is to his craft. 

The hour of stand-up comedy flies by because the audience is so captivated by Meyers’ humor. “Lobby Baby” is laugh-out-loud funny, and Meyers’ jokes can be enjoyed even by those who aren’t a parent or spouse.