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Review: Singles for the week of 10/16

“Only Time Makes It Human”

King Princess

Released Oct. 16

Zelig Records, LLC

An electric-pop daydream, King Princess’s latest single is smooth with a bass-driven beat. The lyrics, like “All of her love became an album / and I’m still the one who’s crying,” are catchy and well written.




Released Oct. 14

Dirty Hit

Guitar-heavy and complemented by the quiet yet dominant vocals of Beatrice Laus, known as beabadoodee, “Together” is akin to Soccer Mommy’s “Skin” in its raw, grunge sound. The song shines because of its honest lyrics and aggressive sound.



Harry Hudson

Released Oct. 16


“Overwhelmed” is driven by a cascading electric guitar and pounding drum beat. The soft ambiance of “Overwhelmed” is pleasant and delicate, while the heartbreaking lyrics are ready to shatter the song at any moment.


“When It Breaks”


Released Oct. 15

Inhaler, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

Inhaler’s latest single is a charged combination of energetic, complex drums and screeching electric guitar riffs. The result is pure excellence, and the song ends on an abrupt note that makes listeners hit repeat with little hesitation.

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