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Review: Singles for the week of 11/15

“Watermelon Sugar”

Harry Styles

Released Nov. 17

Erskine Records Limited

Styles’ honeyed vocals drive “Watermelon Sugar,” the impressive successor to his intoxicating “Lights Up.” The songs dulcet layers include a snappy electric guitar and a reverberating drum.


“Beautiful Ghosts”

Taylor Swift

Released Nov. 15

Universal Pictures

“Beautiful Ghosts,” an original track for the upcoming “Cats” movie, is an enchanted yet haunted track. The song is silhouetted by Swift’s vocals and lyrics, the result of her collaboration with acclaimed Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the original “Cats.”




Released Nov. 15

SRV LabelCo, LLC

BabyJake’s deep voice careens through “BLUE CELLOPHANE” in between waves of sharp guitar picks and a velvety snare drum. His lyrics are somber yet reserved, the perfect combination for a song with a reserved sound.


“Ice Cream Party”

Modest Mouse

Released Nov. 15

Epic Records

“Ice Cream Party” is tedious and boring, rarely deviating from the same few lines — “There’s an ice cream party at my house/ … please come over.” Fortunately, the instrumentals save the song where the lyrics can’t.


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