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Review: Singles for the week of 11/26


come out and play

Billie Eilish

Released Nov. 20

Darkroom/Interscope Records

“come out and play” sounds just like every other Billie Eilish, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Her voice is paper-thin and intimate, and the background instrumentals build upon one another as the song progresses in a dynamic, a capella-like layering effect.




Zombie Bastards


Released Nov. 21

Crush Music/Atlantic Recording Corporation

Presumably referencing the 2005 c-list horror comedy, “Die You Zombie Bastards!”, Weezer’s playful single embraces nerd-rock. The song begins with reggae influences and scratchy vocals a la twenty one pilots, before a bass weighs down the floaty acoustics.





Call Me Loop

Released Nov. 23


Call Me Loop kills it with aesthetically pleasing, monochromatic album covers and boasts an impressive control over her voice. Otherwise, “Business” is just an understated pop song obviously made for repetitive radio play.






Released Nov. 20

Republic Records

After Brockhampton, will anyone not hop on the train of fully capitalized song titles? Regardless, Aminé infuses sweetness into trap with background flute and harp and lines like “she Bjork cute.”




Bison on the Plains


Released Nov. 19

30th Century Records

Grandaddy sounds like if the Pet Shop Boys listened to too much Sufjan Stevens: There’s a lot going on, but none of it is great. The individual elements of “Bison on the Plains” are fine, but together they lack movement and forward drive.