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January 23, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

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Review: Singles for the week of 11/8

“Dark Places”


Released Nov. 7

Capitol Records

The electro-pop foundation of Beck’s “Dark Places” isn’t intricate enough to be interesting. But it’s also not boring enough to be forgettable, creating a slightly off-putting but occasionally enjoyable track. 



Johnny Utah

Released Nov. 7

Johnny Utah

“4Tounce” has an enchanting beat, and Utah’s smoothed-out vocals match it perfectly. The lyrics can border on being repetitive, but it’s easier to get lost in the song’s sound. 



Two Feet

Released Nov. 8

Republic Records

A domineering electric guitar brings together the electric beat in “BBY.” And that’s about it.The song doesn’t expand to any interesting places beyond its first 30 seconds. 



Carter Vail

Released Nov. 8

Circulate Music/Craving Luna

The twinkling guitar and soft drums in “Velvet” are gorgeous and charming. It’s just as easy to get lost in Vail’s effortless but polished vocals.