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Review: Singles for the week of 4/27


“Ball For Me”

Post Malone, Nicki Minaj

Released April 26

Republic Records

Post Malone masterfully constructs a dynamic rhythm out of morphing, gooey synth effects and structured beats. Nicki Minaj’s clever verses add force to Malone’s slower-paced vocals, shaping “Ball For Me” into a track that’s impossible to improve.



“Can I Get Your Number”


Released April 27

Major Tom’s / Asylum Records

Anne-Marie’s vocals have the same tonal quality as Dua Lipa, but she lacks the attitude necessary to pull them — and her carefree, shallow lyrics — off successfully. “Can I Get Your Number” is sterile summer pop: a dry, formulaic construction hiding behind a background tropical beat.



“Motel 6”

River Whyless

Released April 26

Roll Call Records

Raw bass and ghostly electric guitar keeps “Motel 6” from fading into mournful, forgettable folk. Rougher edges round out the masterful use of twanging vocal harmonies and gentle piano.



“Teenage Love”

Rad Horror

Released April 27


Rad Horror takes ’90s inspiration to a new level — from the reliance on electric guitar to nasally, unambitious vocals, “Teenage Love” sounds like an Oasis B-Side. However, the background vocals and change in tempo in the bridge keep the song modern and playful rather than derivative.


“Have It All”

Jason Mraz

Released April 27

Atlantic Recording Corporation

In his most recent single, Jason Mraz continues to make music tailor-made for middle school chorus concerts. The song’s wholesome cheeriness makes it difficult to dislike, but the acoustic guitar chords, swaying rhythm and loving lyrics are so sweet they verge on sickening.