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Review: Singles for the week of 9/6


Camila Cabello

Released Sept. 4

Simco Ltd./Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

As if on cue, Camila Cabello’s new single “Liar” ticks each generic pop-genre box — a story of a passionate but questionably belittling love affair, repetitive lyrics, and a tiresome backbeat. Even the jazzy saxophone, which introduces and concludes “Liar,” cannot breathe life into the track.


“Carry Me Away”

John Mayer

Released Sept 6

Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment

John Mayer’s euphonious lyrics are paired with “Carry Me Away”’s attractive and pleasant background music. The pleasant harmony between the song’s acoustic guitar and its soft percussion is evident from the start.




Released Sept 6

Mosley Music/Interscope Records

Complex and yearning lyrics mix with a vibrant violin in “Wanted.” As one of OneRepublic’s many recently released singles, “Wanted” stands above the crowd.


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