March 23, 2023
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The Happiness Project: Tell us about a goal you achieved

“The Happiness Project” engages the Ithaca College community with questions about happiness.

This week’s question:

What is a goal that you achieved that made you feel happy?


Ezgi Irmakkesen, Class of 2019, Clinical Health Studies. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Just stopping overthinking about things and being more comfortable with myself … ” – Ezgi


Nicholas Swenson, Class of 2018, Television-Radio. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“In high school, I used to run cross country … ” – Nicholas


Jamie Shum, Class of 2017, Communication Management Design. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Ever since I was a little child going to school … ” – Jamie


Tiara Borneman, Class of 2019, Politics. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Something that made me happy recently was over the Thanksgiving break … ” – Tiara


Matt Fiacco, Class of 2018, Business Administration. LUKE HARBUR/THE ITHACAN

“Well, I think a goal that I achieved that made me feel happy was … ” – Matt 

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