Fall on Film

Celebrating 90 volumes of publication

Ray Milburn/The Ithacan

To commemorate 90 volumes of publication, The Ithacan photo staff decided to honor traditional photography practices and capture the autumn season on film. Taking photographs of hiking trails, life on campus, sports and local festivities, photographers set out to find unique qualities of Ithaca. 

Emma Galletta, an employee at Sugar Lips Ice Cream, serves caramel apples to patrons at the 40th Annual Apple Harvest Festival. Ray Milburn/The Ithacan

The upper part of Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca features a hiking trail that overlooks an old stone dam. Kalysta Donaghy-Robinson/The Ithacan



Dolly had a blast running around the pumpkins at Indian Creek Farm in her festive jack-o’-lantern costume. Ray Milburn/The Ithacan

Senior Miriam Maistelman enjoys the scenery of the Ithaca College Natural Lands while on a class outing. Leila Marcillo-Gómez/The Ithacan

Defensive coordinator Trevor Warner speaks with the Bombers defense during a football game Oct. 8. Brendan Iannucci/The Ithacan

Wells Falls, a waterfall that is a part of Ithaca’s Six Mile Creek, is one of many attractions that makes Ithaca popular among nature fans. Leila Marcillo-Gómez/The Ithacan

From left, first-year students Ally Mahoney and Abby Lange enjoy the fall weather while studying outside. Brendan Iannucci/The Ithacan

The Ithaca Farmers Market bustled with eager patrons and vendors selling goods, like pumpkins. Kalysta Donaghy-Robinson/The Ithacan

The Commons is a prominent spot for locals and tourists in the fall, with colorful foliage and many shops. Nolan Saunders/The Ithacan

Schoolyard Sugarbush, one of the many businesses that set up shop during the 40th Annual Apple Harvest Festival on The Commons, sold a variety of maple syrup products. Ray Milburn/The Ithacan





The gorges and trails of Buttermilk Falls State Park is one of the many nature attractions in Ithaca. Kalysta Donaghy-Robinson/The Ithacan

These photographs were developed at Johnson Camera in Syracuse.