January 30, 2023
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Faculty Council addresses end-of-year business

The Ithaca College Faculty Council finished up outstanding business for the academic year at its meeting May 6. New members of the group as well as non-returning members were in attendance to help transition to next year’s Faculty Council.

Marisa Kelly, provost and vice president for educational affairs, said she did not have any new updates for the Faculty Council due to the small length of time she will still be responsible for projects for the provost. This was her last Faculty Council meeting, as she will officially end her term as provost May 31.

Following Kelly’s parting words, John Rosenthal, professor of mathematics, said he wanted to thank Kelly for all the work she has done for the college and the Faculty Council. Members passed a motion unanimously to recognize Kelly.

Cyndy Scheibe, professor of psychology, attended the meeting to announce her initiative to move the deadline for professors to submit final grades to the registrar. This will be piloted next semester. Instead of grades being due at 10 p.m. Dec. 24, she said, grades will be due at noon Dec. 30.

The future of this decision will be decided by the new interim provost, who has yet to be selected, after the pilot has taken place and the bumps have been figured out, Scheibe said.

The Faculty Council also held elections for a few open positions on next year’s executive committee. All nominated candidates were seconded and went uncontested, so all positions were awarded by acclamation, meaning a formal vote was not made due to the unanimous agreement.

Peter Rothbart — professor of history and composition, music theory, and current chair of the Faculty Council, will again be the chair of the Faculty Council for the next academic year. Tom Swensen, professor and chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, was selected as secretary of the Faculty Council. Jason Harrington, assistant professor of media arts, sciences and studies; Cynthia Henderson, associate professor of theater arts; and Rosenthal were all selected to be at-large executive committee members. Chris McNamara, clinical assistant professor and clinic director of the physical therapy department, was selected as a Faculty Council representative with full voting rights to the Policy Subcommittee of the Academic Policies Committee.