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ITHACA TODAY: Thursday, Oct. 24

Top news of the day

The stories you should check out

1. In celebration of Disabilities Awareness Month, Ithaca College hosted author Norb Nathanson on Tuesday in Clark Lounge.  Nathanson, who was born without both feet and one hand, spoke about his book, “A Secretly Handicapped Man: A Memoir,” and about his experiences with prosthetics. Check back in Latest Headlines for the full story.

2. The writing department has just announced a new 200-level course to be offered in Spring 2014 called “Inquiry, Research and Writing Across the Disciplines.” The course will teach students what it means to think, communicate and write like a researcher in the humanities, social sciences and sciences.

3. Robert Freeman, executive director of the New York State Committee on Open Government, will discuss Sunshine Laws, laws that make meetings, records and votes available for public inspection, in New York state at 7 p.m. in Park Auditorium. The event is sponsored by the Department of Journalism and is open to the public.

What’s happening today

The events you won’t want to miss

1. The Student Activities Board is screening the film “Despicable Me 2” at 8 p.m. in Textor 102.

2. There is a rush night for Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the Center for Natural Sciences, room 115. STAT invites students to come learn about the organization and what it does on campus.

3. There is an African drumming and dance ensemble performance at 8:15 p.m. in Ford Hall.

In Today’s Paper

Don’t have time to pick up today’s issue of The Ithacan? Read the highlights here.

News: October is National Co-op Month, and Ithaca has more than 80 years of cooperative history. The cooperative boom in the city began in the 1970s with the opening of Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Handwork and the Ithaca Real Food Co-op.

Sports: After a mentor from his hometown taught senior Hank Jefferson the basics of fly-fishing, Jefferson decided to become more involved in the sport and began to experiment with different types of flies. Read more about the sport of fly-fishing here.

Accent: The Mystic Water Kava Bar and Yoga Studio in Ithaca is an alternative way to relax and de-stress. Kava, which is a drink that is made from root of the Piper methysticum, or kava plant, has been used in the South Pacific for centuries as a traditional drink. When blended with water, the result is an all-natural substance that promotes physical relaxation without a loss of mental clarity.