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ITHACA TODAY: Tuesday, Oct. 29

Top news of the day

The stories you should check out

1. International Education Week 2013 began with “Around the World in 60 minutes,” sponsored by the IC International Club. During the event, students learned about the different cultures of Ithaca College’s international students. Take a look in Latest Headlines for the full story.

2. Radio Cremata, a new professor in the music education department, will present three research projects next week in Boston at the College Music Society and the Association for Technology in Music Instruction. The research investigates how music is learned outside traditional schooling, how music technology instructors teach and are assessed and which vocational schools offer degrees in music and music technology.

3. Class registration for the Spring 2014 semester begins Nov. 11, and students will be able to use the new Online Course Override Form developed by the Academic Workflow Implementation Group. This process will replace paper forms that the campus community has used in previous semesters, and the form will be available to students during their time-ticket registration period. There is an instructional website to assist students and faculty about the new forms.

What’s happening today

The events you won’t want to miss

1. The Student Activities Board is hosting a stand-up comedy night with Sam Comroe at 7:30 p.m. in IC Square. Comroe is an up-and-coming comedian who recently placed in the top eight out of 101 comics at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

2. There is a wine and cheese reception with Charles “Randy” Christian ’72 at 5 p.m. in Klingenstein Lounge.

This Week in Ithaca College History

What was The Ithacan reporting 15 years ago?

On Oct. 29, 1998, The Ithacan ran a front-page article about the plateau of enrollment after it rose nearly 4 percent since 1994. Undergraduate and graduate enrollment for 1997–98 was 5,897, and in the fall of 1998 enrollment held steady at 5,895. The college’s intention in 1998 — under then-president Peggy Williams — was to stabilize enrollment.