January 29, 2023
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Junior screens film at festival

Dylan Lowry is passionate about film. So when the Ithaca College junior had the opportunity to travel to London during spring break, it was only natural he make a film. Lowry’s film is a visual journey through London that captures the art of travel. The film was accepted into the Experimental Student Film Festival, where it was screened at Binghamton University and KNOW Theatre in Binghamton.

Contributing writer Reid Elsass sat down with Lowry to talk about his film and what it was like for his film to be screened as part of a festival.

Reid Elsass: What exactly was the film about?

Dylan Lowry: I was in London for a week over spring break. It was a very packed schedule. We went to different art galleries and museums. The time I spent moving from location to location, I spent filming. A decent portion of the film reflects that. There is time spent on the airplane, on double-decker buses and in the subway, or as they call them, the tube. I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time in transportation systems, and that would be time that isn’t utilized, packed in a subway car with other Londoners. I took that opportunity in attempt to portray aspects of traveling.

RE: What was your favorite part about London?

DL: The only free time I had was spent wondering around Hyde Park, and that’s a separate project that I’m working on, but a couple shots made it into the film. It’s a very beautiful area — very open.

RE: What inspired you to make the film?

DL: I’ve been having a crisis about taking photos and what images are doing to the way we see the world and interact with it. I’ve been questioning it more, especially with worrying about capturing the memory and having that interfere with the event that you’re experiencing. Between you and the event, there is a mechanical apparatus. People are able to read into a photo however they want. With film, in an attempt to capture the experience, I was using image, sound and movement to try to create the portrayal of traveling there.

RE: Had you planned on making the film before you went to London?

DL: The film is actually just my down time. I didn’t schedule time to go shoot anywhere. It’s interesting looking back at my footage and realizing it is just the boring stuff. So I went back and selected the most interesting footage. A lot of the making of the film took place afterward. I didn’t go to London to shoot a film — I just had a video camera.

RE: What was it like having your film screened at a festival?

DL: Being able to be in the filmmaker VIP area and getting to meet all those people to sort of network with was pretty fun. They got to see what I made, and I saw what they came up with. I exchanged contact information with a couple people. I also met up with a grad student who is now a professor, and he is planning on screening my film in Rochester this spring.

RE: How could a student view your film?

DL: I am going to submit it to more festivals. There may be another screening in Binghamton in the spring. There will hopefully be a screening in Rochester in the spring as well. I am also considering submitting it online so people can see it, but I haven’t decided whether I want to do that. If I do submit it online, it will be on the Ithaca College website.