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SGC elects new senators for the 2021-22 academic year

The Student Governance Council (SGC) has elected senators for the Class of 2025, School of Music, Transfer and Varsity Athlete positions for the 2021–22 academic year. 

Freshmen Paloma La Valley and Noah Richardson were elected as Class of 2025 senators, freshman Vincent Tavernese was elected as the School of Music senator, sophomore Casey Ingraham was elected as transfer senator and junior Lauren Hitesman was elected as varsity athlete senator. 

La Valley received 30.5% of the vote with 69 votes and Richardson received 27.4% of the vote with 62 votes. There were four candidates running for the two available Class of 2025 senator positions.

“I am incredibly grateful for the Class of 2025’s confidence in my campaign and promise to serve to the best of my abilities,” La Valley said via email. “I fervently stand behind [Richardson’s] campaign, as many of its values overlapped with my own, and look forward to working with [him].”

Richardson said he is looking forward to working with La Valley in representing the Class of 2025.

“Now that I am senator for the Class of 2025, I feel an increased amount of determination and duty to advocate in the best interests of my peers,” Richardson said via email.

Tavernese received 88.9% of the vote with eight votes and one vote of no confidence. Ingraham received 50% of the votes with two votes and two votes of no confidence. Hitesman received 96.3% of the vote with 26 votes and one vote of no confidence. 

There are 13 open positions in the SGC Senate, including two Class of 2022 senator positions, one Class of 2023 senator, one Class of 2024 senator, School of Business senator, School of Communications senator, club athlete Senator, off-campus senator, Students of Color Coalition senator, graduate senator and three senator-at-large positions.

Junior Déontae Guy, president of the SGC, said he was excited to work with the new senators throughout the academic year. 

“Today was just the start of … a brand new day,” Guy said. “Some great students are still coming into SGC so for me I’m personally excited. … It’s just the beginning.”There will be confirmations throughout the academic year to fill the remaining seats on the senate.

Mel Andia can be reached at mandia@ithaca.edu