May 30, 2023
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Commentary: United States should support Ukraine

By | May 8, 2023

With talks in Washington mounting over the debt ceiling, U.S. taxpayers should take special notice of how much we

Commentary: Surviving college life during a pandemic

By | May 2, 2023

In August 2019, the Class of 2023 moved onto campus for what we expected would be a normal four years in Ithaca.

Commentary: Sports media must educate on equity

By | May 2, 2023

the structure of the major and a lack of education on how we, as men in a predominantly male field, can make the major better for everyone.

Commentary: Hope is not a solution to crises like climate change

By | Apr 26, 2023

not to say that believing in a better world is a waste of time — we certainly need to know what kind of world we want before we try to change it.

Commentary: Healing the future consists of reckoning

By | Apr 25, 2023

Few set out to harm others for harm’s sake; damage is frequently done in the name of goodness.

Commentary: Inequality in film sets must be reformed

By | Apr 18, 2023

We need a complete reinstitution of social psychology. So, to all of Park, I ask you to, with me, address it. Acknowledge it. Fix it.

Commentary: Students with disabilities need more support

By | Apr 18, 2023

I was sitting in a squalid dorm room with a 104-degree fever. I went home and I missed a week of classes.

Commentary: Small remarks impact eating disorders

By | Apr 11, 2023

What turns into one skipped meal here and there, leads to a couple of skipped meals a few times a week.

Commentary: ICLA program is not inclusive for all

By | Apr 11, 2023

Either way, there must be a more honest representation of the program so students are no longer disappointed by a lack of options for them.

Commentary: Fitness influencers are harmful sources

By | Apr 5, 2023

Many fitness influencers claim to have found ways to hack health and fitness, which is misleading to people beginning their fitness journeys

Commentary: People misinterpret the role of religion

By | Apr 4, 2023

the problem is that most Americans fundamentally misunderstand religion and the role it plays in our lives today.

Commentary: Efforts must be put into helping athletes

By | Mar 28, 2023

Playing a sport is a dangerous game, not just for the physical strain it puts on one’s body, but the mental effects it has, too.