February 6, 2023
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Editorial: Capitol-ize

Ithaca College’s decision to partner with Cornell University’s Washington, D.C. program could give students more than just a few Ivy resources to tap into this spring.

Despite suspension of its own program this fall, the college will send up to five students to Cornell’s satellite campus in the Capitol. There, they can pursue an internship while taking academic courses, an identical parallel to the college’s former program.

However, Cornell has greater access to resources and connections. Students at the college who travel through Cornell’s program can take advantage of its database with more than 1,000 D.C. internships.

But to gain access, students must pay the difference between the college and Cornell tuition — a 17 percent increase amounting to more than $3,000. For students seeking internships for credit, this means an extra $1,000 will be tacked onto the initial cost.

As the college revamps its own D.C. program, it should consider changing the structure — starting with courses. By offering a wider variety of classes, the college can ensure a diverse student body will find courses that complement their major requirements. With an internship, this program would be worth leaving the college’s campus for a semester.

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