March 22, 2023
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Editorial: Food for good

An Ithaca College student contributes to the Ithaca community by finding a way for students to donate their extra meals to community members in need

Sophomore Shawn Davis has come up with an innovative way for Ithaca College students to donate their bagged lunch to the Salvation Army of Ithaca. His program, Grab and Give, is located outside of Towers Dining Hall’s “In the Bag” dining station.

Ithaca College Dining Services allows students to “sign away” a meal, which takes $2.25 of the total meal cost and donates it to various causes and organizations on campus. Now, through Grab and Give, students have a tangible way to give back directly to the Ithaca community by hand-picking the food they want to go in the bag and handing it to Davis, who brings it to the Salvation Army.

Davis could encounter issues with his project, as there is the potential for the college or Sodexo to completely shut his initiative down. However, the college should work with Davis rather than against him in order to continue this program. Perhaps they could work together to create another Grab and Give program in front of the Campus Center’s “Grab and Go,” a similar station to “In the Bag.”

Students like him are important because of their drive to contribute and help others. Through projects such as this, students can have a tangible impact on their community.

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