October 4, 2022
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Editorial: The show must go on, even during a pandemic

Though COVID-19 put the world on pause, students took hold of their college experience and found creative ways to adapt to a pandemic. At Ithaca College, students in Dillingham are continuing to put on shows through the spring semester, and in the Cerrache Center, students are still creating art.

COVID-19 has brought considerable hardship to the community, but the arts have served as an escape to many as a healthy coping mechanism. According to Harvard Health Publishing, creative activities can alleviate stress, aid communication and prevent cognitive decline. The pandemic, especially during quarantine, has provided opportunities to grow skill sets. Continuing that creative momentum will only further strengthen our spirits and health. 

In downtown Ithaca, a nascent affordable housing project called Ithaca Arthaus is being constructed to provide affordable housing catered to local artists. It is reassuring to see how the arts are being prioritized during this time.

Although the pandemic created and exacerbated issues in the community, it has also been a time of strength and passion. COVID-19 has forced community members to find alternative ways to continue pursuing their interests while following safety guidelines. It has, in many ways, brought us together despite physically distancing us.

Under their masks, students persevered and carried on a successful show. While the college may be undergoing drastic changes, students have been able to push past personal and academic challenges in order to produce art. Their impressive accomplishments deserve a standing ovation.

Students are doing what they can to improve their experience and build memories that will last a lifetime. We must continue that momentum. This pandemic has stolen a lot from us, but it has taught us we can build new and become more innovative in the face of challenges.

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