February 5, 2023
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Letter to the Editor: College responds to Ithacan article

While the college does not normally comment on the academic status of individual student-athletes, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide some clarity to the article in The Ithacan about transfer student Joe Germinerio. The Office of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports takes issues of enrollment and eligibility very seriously, and ensures that we meet both the spirit and letter of NCAA regulations. 

Though the circumstances surrounding the transfer of this particular individual may be unusual for Ithaca College, they are in accord with NCAA Bylaw 14.1.9, effective January 20, 2018, that allow a student-athlete with remaining eligibility to complete an undergraduate degree at one Division III institution and begin a second undergraduate degree program at another Division III institution. He is attending Ithaca College in absolute compliance with NCAA Division III student-athlete eligibility and financial aid rules. 

All of our head coaches and athletics administrators with compliance responsibilities take an annual NCAA-administered test to ensure that they are familiar with the rules. Our student-athletes are also required to know and understand NCAA regulations in order to retain their eligibility. 

 More information can be found on our NCAA Compliance website or by contacting Erienne Roberts, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, at eroberts1@ithaca.edu or 607-274-5708. 

Susan Bassett 

Associate Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports