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National Recap: College students face obstacles getting to polls

By | Mar 4, 2020

“College Democrats have been at the forefront of fighting against these issues.” 

National Recap: Program addresses Holocaust survivors’ needs

By | Feb 26, 2020

Approximately 40 Holocaust survivors come to Nachas (Yiddish for “joy”) to interact with other survivors, study the Torah, exercise and eat. 

National Recap: Campus divides over racially charged incident

By | Feb 20, 2020

A professor teaching at Ball State University will be suspended after calling the police on a black student who refused to change seats.

National Recap: Teachers’ unions call active shooter drills ineffective

By | Feb 13, 2020

“Traumatizing students as we work to keep students safe from gun violence is not the answer.”

National Recap: Iranian students stopped by Border Protection

By | Feb 6, 2020

Two college students from Iran claim to have been mistreated and illegally denied entry into the U.S. at Logan International Airport in Boston. 

National Recap: States look to revise anti-discrimination laws

By | Jan 30, 2020

Kansas and Wisconsin are holding hearings for revisions of the states’ anti-discrimination laws to add a ban on employer bias based on hairstyle.

National Recap: White supremacists arrested before attack

By | Jan 23, 2020

On Jan. 16, three men were arrested for planning a violent attack to take place during a gun rally in Richmond, Virginia.

National Recap: U.S. pursues grizzly bear protections

By The Ithacan | Dec 10, 2019

U.S. federal officials have agreed to review whether enough is being done to protect grizzly bears in the U.S.

National Recap: Conneticut works to financially divest from guns

By | Dec 3, 2019

On Dec. 3, Connecticut Treasurer Shawn Wooden announced plans to reallocate $30 million worth of shares in civilian firearm manufacturer securities.

National Recap: US grants $29 million for coastal protection

By | Nov 20, 2019

The National Coastal Resilience Fund publicly dedicated a total of $29 million in grants to environmental causes across the country Nov. 18.

Nat Recap: Supreme Court hears momentous DACA case

By | Nov 13, 2019

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in a case that aims to preserve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in the wake of President Donald Trump’s attempts to end the program.

National Recap: New policy allows faith-based discrimination against LGBTQ families

By The Ithacan | Nov 6, 2019

A new policy proposed by President Donald Trump’s administration would allow foster care and adoption groups and agencies to deny LGBTQ families on faith-based grounds.