March 26, 2023
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Open Letter: Anthropology department stands with union

An Open Letter to the Ithaca College Community

The Department of Anthropology supports parttime and contingent faculty members who are currently involved in an on-going union negotiation with the Ithaca College administration. Negotiations such as these are necessary for our college community in an attempt to work toward more equitable and just working conditions for our faculty who hold part time and contingent contracts.

In accordance with others at Ithaca College, Anthropology is committed to our students’ education. We very much hope that negotiations between the union and the administration will be successful. However, should our part time and contingent faculty participate in any legal strike, we will support them and not move to “replace” them as instructors in our courses during their contract period.


Denise Nuttall, Associate Professor and Chair
Jennifer Muller, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair
Sue-Je Gage, Associate Professor
David Turkon, Associate Professor
Michael A Malpass, Charles A Dana Professor in the Social Sciences
Lisa Corewyn, Assistant Professor