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February 28, 2017   |   Ithaca, NY


Open Letter: Faculty and staff support students postelection

To our students,

We, the undersigned, want to express our concern and support for Ithaca College students who are feeling especially vulnerable after the presidential election and subsequent hate crimes across the nation. We recognize that injustices such as racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, anti-immigration, anti-Semitism, sexism, sexual assault and ableism have been a painful reality for members in our community long before this election. By signing this letter, we express our support to those at the margins that were, are, and (sadly) will continue to be impacted by the outcome of this election. Please do not hesitate to email us, call us on the phone, come by our offices, or invite us to join you and others for informal conversation. While we may be unable to provide answers and explanations to all of your questions, we can provide supportive, listening ears to your concerns and ideas. Moreover, we will gladly walk with you to your classes or car, keep you company (e.g, in public spaces such as cafeterias), help you locate community resources, relay your needs to the institution, speak in your dorm or classroom … in other words, support you with what you are needing.

Signatures remain open. If you are a member of faculty or staff and do not have access to the link, please email [email protected].

Rachel Wagner, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, 111 Rothschild, [email protected]
Diane Birr, School of Music;
Jacob White, Smiddy 422, [email protected];
David Turkon, Anthropology;
Bruce Henderson, Communication Studies;
Paul R Geisler, Athletic Training Education (DESS), Hill 71G;
Susan Swensen Witherup;
Edd Schneider, [email protected];
Beth Ellen Clark Joseph, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy;
Gordon Rowland, Park 253, [email protected];
Jennifer Tennant, Economics, 419 Muller, [email protected];
Jeff Claus;
Kati Lustyik, Dept of MASS;
Mary Ann Erickson, Gerontology, Job 215;
Cathy Michael, Library, [email protected];
Michael Haaf, Chemistry;
Lisabeth Chabot, Library;
Luke Keller, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy;
Christopher Matusiak, Dept. of English, 326 Muller, [email protected];
Terri Beth Ledbetter, Library;
Laura Kuo, Library;
Terri Ann Coronel, Library;
Stephen Tropiano, [email protected];
Maki Inada, Biology;
Leigh Ann Vaughn, Psychology, 115a Williams Hall;
Julie Blumberg, [email protected];
Aaron Weinberg, Dept. of Mathematics, 311c Williams Hall;
Maria DiFrancesco, [email protected], Muller 411;
Brooks Miner, Biology, CNS 166, [email protected];
Stephanie Salcedo, [email protected];
Steve Gordon, [email protected];
Abby Juda, Library;
Osman Yurekli, Dept. of Mathematics, Williams 402B;
Paula Turkon, [email protected];
Janet Galvan, [email protected];
Vince DeTuri, ICC and Chemistry, Rothschild 125;
Elizabeth Bergman, Gerontology, Job 216;
Robyn Wishna, Photography, [email protected];
Kate Payne, Library;
Rebecca Lesses, Jewish Studies, Muller 413, [email protected];
Fred A. Wilcox, retired, Writing Dept.;
Kathleen Mulligan, [email protected];
Karin Wikoff, Electronic &Technical Services Librarian, GannettĀ 204, [email protected];
Judith Andrew, Library;
Sergio Pedro, [email protected];
Wendy Dann, Theatre Arts, Dillingham 035;
Amy Rominger, Smiddy 239, [email protected];
Jessica L. Dunning-Lozano, [email protected];
Molly DeTuri, Chemistry CNS 360;
Sarah Shank, Library, [email protected];
Leann Kanda, Biology, CNS 159, [email protected];
Tom Swensen, ESS, CHS 313, [email protected];
David Salomon, [email protected];
Luca Maurer, LGBT [email protected];
Jennifer Spitzer, [email protected];
Hilary Greenberger, Physical Therapy, CHS 418, [email protected];
Ian Woods, Dept. of Biology CNS 160;
Josh Moyer, Dept. of Biology Williams 119H;
Linda Hanrahan, Dept. of Education;
Jason Freitag, History, [email protected];
Pamela Sertzen, CSCRE;
Enrique Gonzalez Conty, Modern Languages, Mueller 416, [email protected];
Lisa Farman, Strategic Communication, [email protected];
David Gondek, Biology, CNS 164, [email protected];
Anne Stork, [email protected];
Deborah Rifkin, School of Music, Whalen 3211;
Rebecca Brenner, ENVS, Rothschild 106, [email protected];
Paula Ioanide, CSCRE, Egbert Hall 339, [email protected];
Elisabeth Nonas, [email protected];
Carla Stetson, Art Dept., [email protected];
Jaime Warburton, Writing, [email protected];
John Scott, Office 363 Park School of Communications [email protected];
Katherine Cohen-Filipic, Sociology, Mueller 113, [email protected];
Claire Gleitman, Dept. of English, [email protected];
Susan Adams Delaney, [email protected] (Smiddy 402);
Anna Larsen, [email protected];
Linda Heyne, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Smiddy 313, [email protected];
Kayla Wheeler, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, 143 Rothschild Place, [email protected];
Christine Haase, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Rothschild 140, [email protected];
Thomas Pfaff, Honors Program Director, Muller 218;
Matt Thomas, Dept. of Mathematics, Williams 311A;
Craig Duncan, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion Dept., 144 Rothschild;
Jason Hamilton, Environmental Studies, CNS 252, [email protected];
Brian Karafin, Rothschild Place 109, [email protected];
Nia Michelle Nunn, [email protected];
Wade Pickren, [email protected];
John Hopple, [email protected];
Dante Dauksz, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, [email protected];
Rick Kaufman, Dept. of Philosophy & Religion;
Kelley Sullivan, Physics and Astronomy, CNS 260;
Christine Pogorzala, [email protected], Gerontology, Job 218;
Maya R. Patel, Biology, CNS 213A, [email protected];
Michael Twomey, English, Muller 329, [email protected];
Laurie Arliss, Communication Studies;
John Henderson, Library;
Deborah Rifkin, School of Music, Whalen 3211;
Patricia Rodriguez, 312 Muller;
John Henderson, Library;
Lauren O’Connell;
Cynthia A. Hogan, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, Rothschild 110, [email protected];
Heidi Hopkins, Biology, CNS254, [email protected];
Jack Wang, Writing, Smiddy 419;
Gary Wells, Art History;
Sara Haefeli, School of Music, Whalen 2321;
Barbara Adams, 427 Smiddy, [email protected];
Shaianne Osterreich, Muller 420, [email protected];
Debbi DeWeese, [email protected];
Sharon Stansfield, Computer Science Dept, Williams 401E;
Caroline Manring , [email protected], 406 Smiddy, Writing Dept.;
Paul Dickson, Computer Science, Williams 401a, [email protected];
Douglas Turnbull, [email protected];
Louise Cannon, Writing, 406 Smiddy, [email protected];
Toby Dragon, Computer Science Dept., 401B Williams Hall, [email protected];
Zenon Wasyliw, History Dept.;
Michael Haaf, Chemistry;
Linda Godfrey, Writing Dept.;
Joan Marcus, Dept. of Writing, 408 Smiddy;
Rebecca Brady, Biology, CNS 157, [email protected];
Cory Young, [email protected];
Katie Marks, Writing, Smiddy 410;
Jessye Cohen-Filipic, Psychology, Williams 119D, [email protected];
Roy Westwater, Computer Science Dept., 321C, [email protected];
Megan D. Graham, [email protected];
Barbara Ganzel , Job Hall 214, [email protected];
Dr. Mary Lourdes Silva, [email protected];
Nancy Menning, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, Rothschild Place 139, [email protected];
Jerry Mirskin, Writing, Smiddy 420, [email protected];
Emilie Wiesner, [email protected];
Rachel Kaufman, Writing Dept., Smiddy 406, [email protected];
Alicia Swords, [email protected];
Sae-Mi Lee, Exercise Science Dept., Hill Center G40, [email protected];
John Barr, Computer Science, 321B Williams, [email protected];
Gladys M. Varona-Lacey, DMLL;
Cyndy Scheibe, Dept. of Psychology, 115B Williams Hall, [email protected];
Peter Martin, Education Dept., Phillips Hall 194C, [email protected];
Jennifer Germann, Art History, G-113, [email protected];
Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, 194F Phillips Hall, [email protected];
Jennifer Jolly, Art History, Gannett 111;
Marella Feltrin-Morris, Modern Languages and Literatures, Muller 409;
Ellie Fulmer, Education Dept., [email protected];
Sarah Grunberg, Sociology, Muller 111, [email protected];
Colin Stewart, Theatre Arts, Dillingham 116B, [email protected];
Steve TenEyck, Theatre Arts, Dillingham 210, [email protected];
Chip Gagnon, Dept. of Politics, [email protected];
Joslyn Brenton, Sociology 112 Muller Faculty Center;
Jeffery Meyer (in absentia);
Marlene Barken, Legal Studies, [email protected];
Christine Havens Hafer, Education Dept., [email protected];
Kelly Dietz, Muller 323, [email protected];
Teresa Michel, [email protected];
Derek Adams, Muller 304, [email protected];
Dyani Taff, Writing, [email protected];
Carla Golden, Women’s and Gender Studies, Williams 111;
Alicia Rebecca Myers, Writing, Smiddy 428, [email protected];
Mary Bentley, Hill G48;
Carlos Figueroa, Politics, 319 Muller, [email protected];
Ruth Barber, Theatre Arts, 214 Dillingham Center, [email protected];
Mark Baustian, Biology, [email protected];
Jonathan Ablard,;
Harriet Malinowitz, Writing, Smiddy 429,;
Ron Gilmour, Library, rgilmour; Elizabeth Bishop, Education,, Muller 119;
Gina Keicher, Smiddy 418, Writing Dept.;
Judith Pena-Shaff, Psychology;
Cristina Gomez, Mathematics Williams 311D;
Matthew Price,;
Todd Schack, Journalism,;
Angela Rudert, arudert; Annette Levine, 331 Muller,;
Candace Edwards, Office of Admission,;
Jake Brenner,, CNS 258;
Jan Monroe, Recreation & Leisure Studies, Smiddy 321;
Felice Russell, Education Dept.,;
Kacey Wochna,;
Mary Pitti ,;
Jonathan Peeters, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, Rothschild Pl. 138,;
Marty Alderman, Physics & Astronomy,;
Laura Campbell Carapella ,;
Jennifer Wofford, Extended Studies;
Amy Frith,;
Denise Nuttall, Anthropology, dnuttall;
Abraham Mulugetta, Finance and International Business;
Shoshe Cole, Physics and Astronomy,;
Michael Smith, History/ENVS, 320 Muller,;
Jamie Rombach, Mathematics, Williams 321-D,;
Pamela Pospisil, Mathematics,, Williams 217;
Paula Murray Cole, Theatre Arts,;
Ann Byrne 213 Job Hall