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The Indigo Girls latest album tackles the current political scene and growing up as an LGBT youth in the American south. While the album often plays into country music conventions, its a breath of fresh air with exceptional lyrics.

Review: Country album reflects on current politics

By Elijah de Castro June 7, 2020
The Indigo Girls' latest album tackles the current political scene and growing up as an LGBT youth in the American south.
Brittney Cooper, associate professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies at Rutgers University, discussed intersectional feminism and politics Sept. 26 at Ithaca College.

First CSCRE speaker of the year focuses on intersectional feminism

By Ashley Stalnecker, contributing Writer September 27, 2017
Brittney Cooper kicked off her talk “Patriarchy Still a Problem? An Intersectional Interrogation” in a humorous fashion.

Commentary: Media must revisit its core principles

By Raza Rumi December 7, 2016
Regardless of the broader political climate, media outlets need to diversify their newsrooms and return to old school people-centric reporting.
Many students complained on social media before and after election that their absentee ballots never arrived in the mail, despite requesting them before their states absentee ballot voting deadlines.

Ithaca College students report not receiving absentee ballots

By Falyn Stempler, Staff Writer December 6, 2016
Frustration overwhelmed some Ithaca College students while they watched the 2016 election results unfold, knowing they did not contribute a vote.
Frances Johnson 16 writes about the debacle in having family members that supported Trump despite his hateful rhetoric toward minorities.

Commentary: Mixed-race families may face political divides

By Frances Johnson November 30, 2016
What they — and many other people — don’t understand is that comments berating one or more groups of people are all-encompassing.
Faculty members and students discuss their thoughts on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election during an open forum discussion on Nov. 14.

Open Letter: Faculty and staff support students postelection

By Faculty and Staff November 16, 2016
By signing this letter, we express our support to those at the margins that were, are, and (sadly) will continue to be impacted by the outcome of this election.

Trump’s plans are a step backward

By Emma Whitestone November 15, 2016
We will have to endure at least four years with Trump in the White House and at least two with a Republican-led Congress.
About 70 Ithaca College students rallied against Trump and hate Nov. 10 in a procession down South Hill. The group displayed signs that read, Love Trumps Hate and We Dont Support Hate.

Ithaca College students join nationwide rallies against hate

By Ana Borruto and Sam Mendiguren November 11, 2016
Students held up anti-hate–themed signs, and some showed their support by honking as they drove by the group. Conversely, one person, riding in a red pickup truck, flipped off the students.

Ithacan alumnus captures Trump rally photos in New York City

By Graham Hebel November 11, 2016
It was raining as we set out from Union Square, part of a crowd of thousands, raising our collective voice against hate and intolerance.
Editorial: Voters choose, Trump wins, nation loses

Editorial: Voters choose, Trump wins, nation loses

By Celisa Calacal and Kayla Dwyer November 9, 2016
With Trump’s win, it would be a disservice not to recognize the ways in which white hegemony, racism, homophobia, sexism operate and run this country.
Junior Kyle Stewart watches as election results come in throughout the night of Nov. 8 during ICTV’s “Election Center.” He writes that the Republican Party must challenge Trump.

Commentary: Republican Party can survive after Trump

By Kyle Stewart, Columnist November 9, 2016
Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives must get to work on a comprehensive vision for the American people.
Senior Emma Whitestone watches the results of the 2016 race during an election-watching event in IC Square. She writes that progressives must be welcomed more by Democrats.

Commentary: Democratic Party must recognize progressive voices

By Emma Whitestone, Columnist November 9, 2016
Democrats need to make sure they are taking into account the concerns of progressives in any party initiatives.
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