February 6, 2023
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Men’s basketball narrowly defeats Bard College 87–83

The Ithaca College men’s basketball team defeated the Bard College Raptors 87–83 Feb. 15 in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. With this win, the Bombers improve to 14–10 overall and 10–7 in the Liberty League.

The starting line up for the night was senior captain Matt Flood, senior forward Peter Ezema, junior guard Sebastian Alderete, junior captain Riley Thompson, and freshman guard Skylar Sinon.

Flood started the game with a three pointer assisted by Ezema. As the Bombers pulled ahead 12–6, freshman guard George Sikoryak netted a 2point layup. With 12:43 remaining in the half, the Raptors coach took his first timeout after the Bombers took a 20–9 lead. Thompson became the 27th player in college’s history to gain 1,000 points in his career with 8:14 left in the first half.  

Alderete sank 4 consecutive points to widen the lead 26–12. However, the Raptors later responded with 6 points in a row, closing the score to 32–28. With 53 seconds left in the first half, Ezema became the first player in Bombers men’s basketball history to earn 1,000 points, 900 rebounds and 200 steals.

As the first half came to a close, Flood defensively rebounded the ball to prevent any late baskets by Bard. The South Hill squad ended the half leading the game 45–39.

As the second half kicked off, Thompson assisted both Ezema and Flood for 3-pointers, making the score 52–39. Sophomore forward Bryan Karl gained 3 points for the team and Alderete dunked off of an assist by Sikoryak, increasing the Bombers’ lead 65–54.

Sinon assisted Sikoryak for a 2point layup, as the Raptors took their third timeout. With 1:53 remaining, the Bombers took their second timeout. Alderete made two late foul shots, making the score 87–80.

The Blue and Gold were led by Alderete with 38 points, Flood with 33 points, and Thompson and Ezema with 32 points.