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My Planned Parenthood Story

By Christina Tudor September 14, 2015
Christina Tudor shares her Planned Parenthood story in light of the recent attacks against the organization. Her story begins in September 2013 and continues into the present as Planned Parenthood continues to be the catalyst for her activism.

One Year Later: Some Reflections

By Christina Tudor September 11, 2015

Around this time a year ago I received some pretty distressing news. I’ve alluded to this on this blog in the past, but I’ve never really gotten specific. And I don’t plan to get specific—it’s...

New Semester Activist Resolutions

By Christina Tudor September 1, 2015

New semester, new blog posts! Let’s do this! I’m ready to get back to studying about subjects I care about, organizing on campus, and continuing with my projects both new and old. That being said,...

Let’s Talk About Activist Burnout

By Christina Tudor July 28, 2015

Hi there, blog. Do you remember me? I’ve missed you. I really have. Each day I tell myself I want to blog. I tell myself that today will be the day that I post. I have lists of blog ideas...

Thank You, Climate Hero

By Faith Meckley, Assistant News Editor April 26, 2015

On April 20th, Heather Doyle plead guilty to her actions at Dominion's Cove Point LNG export terminal in Lusby, Maryland on Feb. 3, in which she trespassed onto a construction site and scaled the arm of...

Rachel Woolf / The Ithacan

Syracuse University divests

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer April 4, 2015
One of the best things Ithaca College can do to fulfill its goal of benefiting others, in specific regards to communities and individuals affected by industry and climate change, is to remove all ties to fossil fuels. That includes divesting our endowment.

Do You Know Your IX? Nine Facts about Title IX

By Christina Tudor March 29, 2015

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Campus Sexual Assault When I was at NYFLC, I attended a panel on campus sexual assault, Title IX, and activism around the issue. I’m embarrassed to say that I only...

Quick Update: NYFLC!

By Christina Tudor March 23, 2015

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I am completely exhausted and a little bit delirious so I’ll make this quick update. I’m currently laying in a bed in a hotel room outside Washington,...

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

By Christina Tudor February 25, 2015

*Trigger Warning-This post discusses Eating Disorders and mental health. This week all across college campuses, social media pages and other places, people are spreading information on Eating Disorders,...

From left to right: Climate Marchers John Abbe, Kelsey Erickson, Michael Clark, Jane Kendall, myself and Jimmy Betts

Postponed … Again

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer February 21, 2015
While the powers of Reading and Schuyler County have realized that sending the We Are Seneca Lake protesters to jail is costly and only fuels our movement, many in my activist cohort believe that Judge Berry's hesitance to sentence me runs deeper than that. They joke that he sees me as an incarnation of his own young granddaughter, who, according to Berry, refuses to speak to him when he sends people to jail.
A photo of me climbing at the Ithaca College climbing wall.

Find the Time

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer February 14, 2015
College is extremely stressful. It leads us to binge eat junk food, drink spastic amounts of coffee, pull all-nighters and spend countless hours in front of computer screens without exercise. And many of us, myself included, feel our future careers hinge on the quality of our performance in these four years. Talk about pressure.

You Deserve Healthy Relationships, Plural

By Christina Tudor February 14, 2015

This past Thursday I started facilitating a program called SPEAK, a prevention program for adults with developmental disabilities that focuses on education around consent and healthy relationships. Although...

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