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“Us” mixes a government conspiracy, well-balanced blood and gore, impressive acting and nuanced characters to create a strong commentary on cultural, societal and racial tension in the United States like xenophobia.

Review: Horror movie ‘Us’ reflects cultural tension

By Jake Leary April 1, 2019

“Us” is at once familiar and foreign — it’s a traditional slasher turned and twisted into something radical and bizarre.   The film follows the Wilson family on their annual summer vacation:...

America, the newest album from alternative band Thirty Seconds to Mars, successfully incorporates R&B and electropop influences rather than the bands usual hard rock edge.

Review: Alt-rock band puts electropop spin on ‘America’

By Hannah Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer April 21, 2018
“America” is ambitious and feels like a natural addition to Thirty Second to Mars’ ever-changing catalog.
Former Ithaca College student Faith Meckley, pictured above with her husband Alex, writes that it can be hard for Americans to see the truth past blinding nationalism.

Commentary: America, you’re not as great as you think, love Australia

By Faith Meckley November 10, 2017
My point is this: when the blinders of feverish nationalistic pride are removed, it’s easier for the citizenry to see truth.
I Am Not Your Negro is a documentary sourced from the writings of famous African American writer James Baldwin. The film captures the realities of racism in the United States and shines a light on the complexity of modern race relations.

Review: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ confronts white complacency

By Celisa Calacal, Opinion Editor March 21, 2017
“I Am Not Your Negro” is a poignant and powerful analysis of race relations in this country that goes unmatched by any other film in recent memory.
Junior English major Justin Henry created The Ithaca College Chronicle, an online magazine that has sections devoted to news, opinion, essays, fiction and poetry.

Q&A: IC junior launches magazine to bridge political divides

By Daniel Hart, Staff Writer February 1, 2017
Staff Writer Daniel Hart spoke with Justin Henry about his new magazine, political divides in the community and his experiences as a journalist.
After two years Foxygen returns with their latest album, Hang, an experimental album featuring a 40-piece orchestra and guest appearances by The Flaming Lips and The Lemon Twigs.

Review: Foxygen’s new album can’t ‘Hang’ with the greats

By Meg Tippett, Staff Writer January 31, 2017
Foxygen tried its best to find a new style, but the group needs more time to focus on crafting songs that tell clear, compelling stories.
My Mom is a Bartender

My Mom is a Bartender

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer October 21, 2014
Amidst a swirl of budget cuts and an ever-increasing workload, Mom resigned from her job as a school psychologist at the Watkins Glen School District in 2012. After resigning, she took up a profession she had been doing on and off since she was 18 and in college: bartending.
America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer June 20, 2014
Here lies Berenice Tompkins, dead from pollution from tar sands oil refineries like Suncor. She breathed the air and it killed her. What world are we living in where we have no clean air? Let Berenice’s death be a reminder to all of us of those who have been silenced, sickened, and killed by air pollution...

Gesture of good will

By The Ithacan March 31, 2013
Celebrating holidays in the classroom used to be easy for teachers. What used to be a “Merry Christmas” with decorated Christmas trees of ornaments and lights has now translated to “Happy Holidays” in order to be respectful of each students’ values and beliefs.  I grew up in classrooms that consisted of Secret Santa’s even if…

Guten Tag!

By The Ithacan March 25, 2013
Approximately over one billion people around the world are learning English. In Europe more than 90 percent of children learn English from the start of elementary school. In the U.S less than a third of schools require or offer foreign language courses. While foreign countries believe becoming diverse in more than one language especially English…
Junior Kelly Zhang, a student from China, stands in front of CNS. She is the president of the recently formed Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Chinese students adapt to life at Ithaca College

By Jeremy LiMichael Tkaczevski, Staff Writers March 20, 2013
As more Chinese students every year study at American universities, their experience becomes increasingly important to understand. Step into some Chinese students’ shoes as they talk about stepping outside of their comfort zone in a country an ocean away from their home.

Documentarian discusses race

By Lucy Walker, Staff Writer April 4, 2012
Amid the recent Trayvon Martin protests, racial relations sit on the forefront of American political discourse. But, according to documentary filmmaker and diversity educator Lee Mun Wah, the framework of the conversation remains skewed.
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