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After a record 3.35% tuition increase for the 2022–23 school year, Ithaca College has become one of the most expensive liberal arts colleges in the state.

As tuition continues to rise, IC students go deeper into debt

By Elijah de Castro, News Editor February 23, 2022
Despite 92% of Ithaca College students getting financial aid, the cost of attendance continues to push students further and further into debt.
Country artists defy genres conservative foundations

Country artists defy genre’s conservative foundations

By Eva Salzman, Staff Writer November 5, 2020
The culture of country music has always been a conservative one, with the music being rooted in Southern tradition.
There are currently four democratic candidates still in the race — including former vice president Joe Biden, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren — all of whom have different plans to address issues in higher education. 

Candidates propose plans to address higher education issues

By Sam Haut, Senior Writer March 5, 2020
The primary elections are an opportunity for college students, many of whom are eligible voters for the first time, to change their futures. 
Sophomore Vedant Akhauri moderates a team of Bernie Sanders campaign callers. He has worked for the Sanders campaign since April 2019.

Ithaca College students volunteer in political campaigns

By Alyshia Korba, Staff Writer November 6, 2019
Not many college students can say they have had a phone call with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and presidential candidate, but sophomore Vedant Akhauri has twice.
Senior Emma Whitestone watches the results of the 2016 race during an election-watching event in IC Square. She writes that progressives must be welcomed more by Democrats.

Commentary: Democratic Party must recognize progressive voices

By Emma Whitestone, Columnist November 9, 2016
Democrats need to make sure they are taking into account the concerns of progressives in any party initiatives.
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have differing positions on higher education.

Candidates’ higher education plans could affect private colleges

By Aidan Quigley, News Editor October 19, 2016
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's and Republican nominee Donald Trump's higher education plans could have a significant impact on private colleges and universities.

What happened to compromise?

By Kyle Stewart April 28, 2016
We used to work together to find common ground. Now, we label those who disagree with us as bad people.
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, speaks at a campaign stop for her mother April 18 at Coltivare restaurant as part of a Get out the Vote event.

Chelsea Clinton stops in Ithaca to campaign for her mother

By Anna Lamb, Contributing Writer April 19, 2016
Chelsea Clinton centered her talk around children and families, following her announcement that this presidential election will be her first as a mother.

Editorial: Youth must turn energy into informed votes

April 13, 2016
Youth voting is making the long-awaited upturn, but we cannot make it for the wrong, misguided reasons.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks in Binghamton, New York April 11. Sanders and Ohio Gov. John Kasich held the closest rallies to Ithaca, with Sanders in Binghamton on April 11 and Syracuse on April 12 and Kasich in Syracuse on April 8.

Ithaca College students attend presidential rallies in NY

By Faith Meckley, News Editor April 13, 2016
As the April 19 New York state primary elections approach, 2016 presidential candidates are making their way through the state to rally support. Some Ithaca College students are going the distance to see the presidential hopefuls speak in person.
From left, freshmen John Bourdelais and Emma Lewis show their support for their respective presidential picks, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Young voters increase turnout and influence in 2016 elections

By Evan Popp, Staff Writer April 7, 2016
“I think this 2016 election has probably been one of the most interesting in at least the past 100 years,” sophomore Kyle Stewart said. “Definitely in my short lifetime of 20 years.”
John Balduzzi ’01 founded The Balduzzi Group, a Democratic Party  political consulting firm based in New York and Washington, D.C.

Commentary: Sanders has changed the political discourse

By John Balduzzi April 6, 2016
Senator Sanders, and believe it or not Donald Trump, have proven that there is still a place in the national political arena for “outsiders.”
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