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Interim Registrar Danette Johnson replaced former registrar Brian Scholten March 16. Johnson said more students at Ithaca College are brining credit from high school and most of these students end up spending the full four years in college rather than graduating early.

Number of students bringing in credit to Ithaca College increases

By Rachel Langlitz, Contributing Writer March 28, 2016
The number of Ithaca College students entering college with transfer credits from high school is increasing. With these credits, some students have the ability to graduate early, but many still choose to utilize their four years.
Leslie Kelly, manager of Student Accessibility Services, said the new online streamlined process provides a direct link between students requesting accommodations and their professors.

Ithaca College releases online test accommodations form

By Kyle Stewart, Contributing Writer February 4, 2015
Students can now request test accommodations through an online process rather than filling out paper forms and making a series of phone calls.

Grade deadlines for faculty pushed back to the end of December

By Max Denning, Staff Writer December 10, 2014
The deadline for faculty to turn in final grades has been moved from Dec. 24 to Dec. 30.
Graduates seek early employment opportunities in job market

Graduates seek early employment opportunities in job market

By TinaMarie Craven, Staff Writer December 2, 2014
As students ready themselves for their December graduation, reports indicate that employers will be hiring 16 percent more recent graduates this year.

Academic Workflow initiative releases change of major form

By Ashley Wolf, Staff Writer October 22, 2014
Students are now able to change their majors through an online process rather than a series of signatures and paper forms.
Sophomore Liza Foley stands nearby as her mother, Janese Guiliano, makes her bed on Aug. 25.

Colleges encourage increased parental involvement

By Taylor Zambrano, Assistant News Editor September 3, 2014
What some may refer to as “helicopter parenting,” others might simply call “caring,” but the trend is the new norm, and colleges are following suit.

Now you know: debunking the 4.0 myth

October 9, 2013
In our new weekly column, Elma Gonzalez, special projects manager, investigates rumors and myths from around campus. This week she dispels the myth that you receive a 4.0 GPA if your roommate passes away.
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