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 Ithaca College junior Emily Obando writes about the gentrification she has seen in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and relates it to the gentrification and housing disparities she has seen in Ithaca.

Commentary: Gentrification: all that glitters is not gold

By Emily Obando October 27, 2020
When gentrification happens within a community, it leads to the displacement of long-term residents who are not able to benefit from the new changes.
National Recap: Program addresses Holocaust survivors needs

National Recap: Program addresses Holocaust survivors’ needs

By Kate Sustick February 26, 2020
Approximately 40 Holocaust survivors come to Nachas (Yiddish for “joy”) to interact with other survivors, study the Torah, exercise and eat. 
“Menashe” is an intimate drama about life in a Hasidic Brooklyn community. The film centers around Menashe (Menashe Lustig) as he tries to regain custody of his son, Rieven, (Ruben Niborski) and push the boundries of his faith.

Review: Brooklyn-based drama goes against convention

By Taylor Millican, Contributing Writer September 25, 2017
The audience will inevitably find itself rooting for Menashe and his son as they struggle to secure an emotional relationship.
Urban gentrification destroys cultures and communities

Urban gentrification destroys cultures and communities

By Malika Giddens September 17, 2014

It isn’t fun when you have to leave home because you cannot afford it anymore. The moment you stop recognizing the people around you always makes the place you call “home” feel unfamiliar. Things...

‘Brooklyn’ author discusses acceptance in a new place

By Faith Meckley, Contributing Writer October 9, 2013
Contributing writer Faith Meckley sat down with Colm Toibin to discuss “Brooklyn,” the challenges of immigration and finding acceptance in a new place.

Alumnus discusses food justice and gentrification

By Sage Daugherty, Online News Editor September 17, 2013
Ajamu Brown '99 presented on food justice in New York City, at 4 p.m. Monday in The Center for Natural Sciences.

ITHACA TODAY: Tuesday Sept. 17

September 17, 2013
The Ithacan Online's top news and events for Tuesday, September 17
Bombers Assistant Lacrosse Coach Ansley Jemison poses Monday afternoon outside of the Akwe:kon residence hall, a part of the American Indian Program at Cornell University.

Assistant coach teaches game based on lessons of his ancestors

By Mark Warren, Staff Writer May 1, 2013
Ansley Jemison surveys the field from the sidelines of Higgins Stadium with his thick arms crossed and his brown eyes focused. Looking over the Bomber defense he notices a player out of position. He puffs on his whistle and the echo freezes all of the players in place. He calmly walks over to the defender…

Goop covers Brooklyn

By Cady Lang, Staff Writer October 18, 2012
Angry hipster alert: Gwyneth Paltrow has now covered Brooklyn in her patrician lifestyle newsletter, Goop. In this edition, she explores Brooklyn (from predictable Park Slope to Red Hook - intrigued that Gwyneth ventured there!), which she is apparently well-acquainted with since her father was born there. From bars to indie eateries to shopping, shopping, shopping, Gwyneth shows…
Actress Elaine Del Valle performs Brownsville Bred at Emerson Suites.

‘Brownsville Bred’ emotionally captures a lifetime of struggle

By Evin Billington, Contributing Writer September 26, 2012
Actress Elaine Del Valle puts on a one-woman show to explain her life while growing up in Brownsville.

Video: Brownsville Bred Latino Heritage Month performance, Ithaca College

By Jacyln Cataldi September 21, 2012
Latino Heritage Month kicked off September 15. One of the first events, Brownsville Bred, is a play that portrays the childhood and family of Elaine Del Valle.
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