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This modern adaptation of the classic story The Call of the Wild is bogged down by unrealistic CGI. The movie has promise, but ultimately succumbs to the cheap-looking visual effects.

Review: Uncanny CGI overpowers engaging storytelling

By Elijah de Castro March 4, 2020

Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” is a timeless story, and the film adaptation tells it well. But director Chris Sanders’ film looks artificial and strange, like Robert Zemeckis’ “The Polar...

The 2019 “Hellboy” remake has a messy storyline and unconvincing characters. The quality of the film feels cheap and lacks the same timeless quality as Guillermo Del Toro’s original 2004 adaptation of the comic book series.

Review: “Hellboy” remake can not save itself from damnation

By Jake Leary, Staff Writer April 22, 2019

Neil Marshall’s “Hellboy” (2019) has the aesthetic sensibility of a Hot Topic: It’s cheap, insincere and reminds you of other places you’d rather be and other films you’d rather see. Marshall’s...

“Geostorm” is the latest in a long line of disaster movies from Dean Devlin, the producer of the 1998 “Godzilla.” “Geostorm” is set in in a world where global warming was solved by climate scientist Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler).

Review: Big-budget disaster movie is a catastrophe

By Charlie Musante, Staff Writer October 24, 2017
To anyone contemplating seeing this atrocity, don’t. Go see “Blade Runner 2049” instead.

Looking at AHS: Freak Show as a Whole

By Kenny Chapman October 28, 2014

  American Horror Story is three episodes in to its forth consecutive season. Year after year, FX brings the show back because of how fresh, different, and overall successful the show is for...

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