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Maryland takes step for illegal immigrants

By | Apr 13, 2011

The General Assembly has approved legislation to grant in-state tuition to students in Maryland who are illegal immigrants.

Students perserve Civil War documents

By | Apr 12, 2011

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. But some universities have been celebrating the anniversary before today.

Binging on television

By | Apr 11, 2011

I haven’t had a television in college since freshman year. But I did spend a whole weekend recently watching all six seasons of Sex and the City.

Colleges woo Mom and Dad

By | Apr 10, 2011

Instead of parents tagging along on tour groups and student-targeted events, now they have their own activities when visiting colleges.

Snooki goes to college

By | Apr 3, 2011

While other 20-somethings are struggling to find $32,000 to attend college, The Jersey Shore’s Snooki was paid $32,000 just to give a speech at Rutgers University.

Colleges fail to recruit low-income students

By | Mar 29, 2011

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just released a story saying colleges are failing to attract low-income students.

“Underfunded We Fail”

By | Mar 26, 2011

In an effort to show Gov. Tom Corbett what a mistake it would be to cut state funding, the Pennsylvania College Coalition is urging Pa state college students to upload videos to YouTube explaining how the cuts are going to hurt them.

Where female students lag: as SGA Prez

By | Mar 24, 2011

There may be more women holding leadership positions these days, but all across campuses across the nation, there’s one position lacking females — student government association president.

Even the SAT’s like Jersey Shore

By | Mar 20, 2011

And I thought the SAT’s were hard when I took them back in the day (hey, who remembers the “old SAT’s”?) Anyway, now it’s just gotten crazier. On Saturday, as high school students across the nation broke out their number 2 pencils, a writing prompt actually asked students to give their opinion on reality television.

A sad time for PA state schools

By | Mar 15, 2011

I went home to Scranton for a few days this week where the number one issue everyone was talking about was Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposal to cut spending to state schools (well, OK, Parade Day was the hot topic but this was a very close second).

Get it together, Pa.

By | Mar 9, 2011

Like every true Pennsylvanian, I considered going to one of our big state schools for college. So, when I heard about our new republican governor’s proposal to cut state school spending by 50 percent, I was furious. And embarrassed that Gov. Tom Corbett would even suggest such a proposal.

“Mourning the death of education”

By | Mar 7, 2011

Check out this protest that college students in Nevada took part in. After hearing about possible state cuts that would affect their schools, these students decided to let everyone know how upset they were.