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Ithaca area fosters thriving longboard scene

By | Apr 1, 2015

With steep hills and yearly events, Ithaca’s longboarding scene offers high-speed fun for locals and visitors alike.

Video: Hidden Talents of Ithaca – Robby Tolette, Dan Snyder and Austin Pedroni, longboarders

By | Oct 3, 2013

Longboarding is a growing trend. Ithaca College students Robby Tolette, Dan Snyder and Austin Pedroni are taking the sport to new heights, racing down hills at speeds of 50 miles per hour.

Between The Lines: Why I no longer root for the Washington Redskins

By | Nov 7, 2012

Columnist Nathan Bickell is fed up with the way Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is running his favorite NFL football team. He says it’s time to switch teams and don the Baltimore Ravens’ purple and black.