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Review: Demi Lovato sings of growth, strength and love

By | Apr 12, 2021

Demi Lovato’s seventh studio album, “Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over,” details her life after her 2018 overdose on heroin and fentanyl-laced oxycodone.

Review: Singles for the week 3/29

By | Apr 5, 2021

Singles for the week 3/29.

Review: Singles for the week of 10/2

By | Oct 3, 2020

Singles for the week of 10/2

Review: Khelani’s mixtape was worth the wait

By | Mar 3, 2019

Last year was arguably one of the most successful years for R&B singer-songwriter Kehlani.

Review: Singles for the week of 11/17

By | Nov 18, 2017

“All Night”
Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui
Released Nov.

Review: Singles for the week of 9/23

By | Sep 22, 2017

Life and Culture Editor Jake Leary listened to some of the singles that came out this week, here’s what he thought of them.

Review: Singles for the week of 9/8

By | Sep 8, 2017

“Too Good at Goodbyes”
Sam Smith
Released Sept.

Review: New tracks show Demi Lovato’s musical growth

By | Oct 19, 2015

Lovato’s latest work packs a hard punch as she steers away from her sugar-pop persona and delivers a set of raunchy, daring songs.

#TheDress Mystery = Solved

By | Feb 27, 2015

For the last few days, I have been drinking water, taking medicine, and feeling absolutely sick. Therefore, I took a much-needed break from social media and the Internet as a whole. It was only a couple of days, so I just assumed that I would miss the basics: Kanye said something dumb again, more celebrities argued over Twitter, a new One Direction breakup rumor surfaced. However, I come back to my home away from home to find that some dress has completely destroyed the Internet.

Lovato stands for survival

By | Oct 5, 2011

After spending almost four months in treatment for emotional and physical distress, Demi Lovato is back with an album that turns personal hardship into soulful gold.