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OK Go holds a bag full of goodies

By | Dec 8, 2006

Despite being a pop-rock band, OK Go may be better known to some for its fancy footwork on treadmills in the music video for its song “Here It Goes Again.” Contributing writer Amanda Winters spoke with drummer Dan Konopka via e-mail about how the band plans to continue to go the distance in the music…

Student DJ shares the electronic love

By | Dec 8, 2006

Sophomore Andrew Garcia adjusts the knobs and dials on his mixer as he inserts a CD. A thumping bass and a repeating synthetic melody fill his room Nov. 16 in Emerson Hall. Thanks to the tracks he bought online, he freely mixes and spins his own electronic music. Garcia has been listening to Armin Van…

Rippin’ red-hot funk rock

By | Dec 1, 2006

Sophomore Revi Roza unpacks the “tangled mess of wires” from her Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” backpack and sets up the first guitar she ever owned. Its name is Bambi. She’s not sure why she called it that. Within a few minutes, the rest of Roza’s band, The Rozatones, joins her at a…

Under pressure

By | Dec 1, 2006

During hour-long blocks between classes, sophomore Rob Yaple goes back to his room in the Terraces to relax. He takes out his coffee maker, all ready with hot water, and walks over to his collection of tea. To de-stress from homework for 11 classes, podcasts for the Student Government Association and resident assistant duty, Yaple…

Yardvarks inspired by classic rock

By | Dec 1, 2006

With its eclectic mix of folk and rock, and a repertoire that includes a sing-along, local band The Yardvarks promises a lively performance that always gets audience members involved. Contributing writer Andrew Longcore spoke with Ken Zeserson, guitarist and saxophonist, about the band’s inspirations. Andrew Longcore: How did your band get its name? Ken Zeserson:…

Let there be music

By | Nov 17, 2006

In Ford Hall on Sunday, Adam arose from the dirt in the Garden of Eden. Brought to life by the low tones of the bassoon, he slowly awoke and was joined by a parade of dancers as birds and gazelles. Together, they leapt and spun across the stage. A silent audience sat enraptured not only…

The psychology of theater

By | Nov 17, 2006

The clock read 4:48 a.m., and senior Christina “Teeny” Lamothe was awake. She was not suffering from insomnia or a late-night study session. She was just trying to find some clarity. Lamothe’s alarm went off at this time for a week straight. Disoriented, she gave in to the beeping and got out of bed to…

Exploring identities through art

By | Nov 16, 2006

A life-size cutout of a woman stands in the middle of the Handwerker Gallery, two holes carved in her to reveal looping video screens. On one screen, fastened between her legs, her father explains how he once believed childbirth occurred in the breast. Behind her right breast, artist Itty Neuhaus explains her own encounter with…

Alum gives crash course in comedy

By | Nov 11, 2006

Take eight of the funniest Park students, add a seasoned comedy writer, stick them in a conference room together for a weekend, and keep the coffee and take-out flowing. The result: possibly a hit sitcom. At least that’s what Rick Shaw ’77 hopes for. Shaw, who wrote for sitcoms like “The Nanny” and “The Love…