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When John Bolton announced he was writing a bombshell book about his experience as President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, pandemonium ensued. However, the sought-after details are more pseudo-patriotic and hilarious than they are substantive.

Review: Long-awaited book lacks informative story

By Elijah de Castro, Staff Writer July 4, 2020
When John Bolton announced he was writing a book about his experience as national security adviser, pandemonium ensued.
Phyllis Bennis, a prominent American writer, activist and political commentator who specializes in Middle Eastern politics, speaking about foreign policy in age of the Trump administration in the Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise.

Writer speaks about foreign policy under Trump administration

By Falyn Stempler, Staff Writer April 23, 2017
Patricia Rodriguez said she decided to organize the event because of what is at stake under the Trump administration.

Foreign policy post-Chavez

By Rachael Hartford March 24, 2013
Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “Bolivarian” leader, passed away March 5, leaving many around the world asking: What will Venezuela look like without Chavez? Chavez, who led the country since taking power in 1998, seems to be just as divisive in death as he was when he was alive. Even his interim successor was contentious. Chavez…

Hillary Clinton’s mixed legacy

By Rachael Hartford February 18, 2013
Following former U.S. Senator John Kerry’s quick confirmation by the Senator, the new secretary of state joked he had big “heels” to fill as Hillary Clinton’s predecessor. Clinton is leaving the State Department with unprecedented approval ratings that could pave her way to a 2016 presidential candidacy if she wanted it. She became known for…

US must rethink alliance with Israel

By Rachael Hartford November 29, 2012
If you are a bit confused as to what has been in the news about Gaza lately, you are not alone. And it’s probably because the prevailing US media narrative of what is going on over there is fundamentally skewed. We are being provided news sans the historical context necessary to understand why Hamas and…

As election nears, no clear winner in recent debates

By Rachael Hartford October 26, 2012
In the past couple of weeks we have seen all four of the presidential and vice presidential debates that mark the final push at the closing of election season. With just more than a week left before Americans across the nation cast their votes Nov. 6, I think it is safe to say we have…

Video: Snap Judgment – Most important issues in presidential campaign

By Tiffany Ruff October 23, 2012
As the presidential campaign draws closer we asked students what issues they thought were most important in the presidential campaign.

Foreign policy debate impacts undecided voters

By Rachael Hartford September 18, 2012
The recent storming of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the killing of four diplomats in the Benghazi consulate attack have forced candidates to clarify their overall policies.
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