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The fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons has been successfully adapted for the big screen in Honor Among Thieves.

Review: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ film scores winning hand

By Evan Miller, Staff Writer April 12, 2023
“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” captures what makes D&D and the fantasy genre so special with its excellent cast and world-building.
The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a harrowing tale that explores themes of psychological manipulation and abuse. The story follows the main character Nicole as she explores her familys hotel.

Review: Video game fosters haunting revelations

By Connor Ahern March 4, 2020

“The Suicide of Rachel Foster” is not a video game for the faint of heart. But players who can stomach the grim tale will uncover an eye-opening journey that explores the repercussions of cruelty and...

Control follows Jesse Faden while she searches for her missing brother who went missing 20 years ago. The game is plagued with stagnant battles but is, ultimately, a piece of well-cultivated gameplay.

Review: Confusion and complexity shape third-person game

By Jake Leary, Staff Writer September 18, 2019

Video game developer Remedy Entertainment loves a good pastiche. Its popular “Max Payne” series paid tribute to Asian action films, while “Alan Wake” gamified small-town horror. The company's new...

Tom Clancys Division 2 features a deeply detailed environment yet fails at immersing the player. The game feels like a copy of the other game in the series and does little in the way of offering a new, interesting gameplay.

Review: Video game is a carbon copy of predecessor

By James Baratta March 25, 2019

Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2” regurgitates the cliche, fictional story of a crumbling society as the same crippling epidemic from the previous game in the series brings the United States...

The apocalyptic first-person shooter is incredibly immersive and uses sounds, environments and suspense to draw the player into the virtual world. New game mechanics also enhance the experience.

Review: “Metro Exodus” provides a perfectly apocalyptic playthrough

By James Baratta March 5, 2019

“Metro Exodus,” a first-person shooter by 4A Games, is a deep, intoxicating inhale of contaminated air that has players fastening their gas masks and jumping straight into a world where survival is...

Rainswept is full of breathtaking art and music, but the game lacks character building and plot. The game also suffers from a plethora of glitches and errors that interrupt the immersive experience.

Review: “Rainswept” is a deluge of visceral visuals

By Avery Alexander February 20, 2019

A rich landscape of beautiful, rolling hills is quickly followed by the silhouette of a man in his window — then a heart-stopping bang leads to peaceful silence. This is the beginning of “Rainswept,”...

Warground has an adorable, colorful art style and easy to understand mechanics. However, the strategy game lacks single-player options, making it very difficult to enjoy the games potential.

Review: “WarGround” is unplayable and underwhelming

By Vivian Goldstein February 18, 2019

WarGround is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy game on Steam — a platform that distributes games and related media, not unlike an online Gamestop — that offers new ideas and art styles to hide a...

Review: Remastered game improves on GTA universe

Review: Remastered game improves on ‘GTA’ universe

By Kenny Chapman, Staff Writer December 3, 2014
The remastered "Grand Theft Auto V" improves on the original games visuals and gameplay.
In Rorschach, a video game created by IC Game Developers Club, the player acts as a patient of mad psychiatrist Dr. Rory Schach. The graphics of the game are in a 16-bit style.

Students produce psychological video game

By Tylor Colby, Staff Writer April 23, 2014
The Ithaca College Game Developers Club created "Rorschach," a video game in which the player is a patient of the mad Dr. Rory Schach.
Lunchbox Basketball

Lunchbox Basketball

By Brendan Davis February 13, 2014
Watch and learn about Lunchbox League, the 30-year tradition that brings staff and students together for pick-up basketball games during lunchtime.

Video: Hidden Talents of Ithaca – Gary Chin, professional fingerboarder

By Deanna Romanoff March 7, 2013
Junior Gary Chin shows off his professional fingerboarding skills, talks about how he acquired them and what he would rank as his second favorite talent.

Slideshow: The many views of Cortaca

The 54th Annual Cortaca Jug football game was held this past Saturday. Check out the different views we had of the stands, the field and the action.
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