May 28, 2023
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Editorial: Insurance changes cause confusion among students

By | Feb 22, 2023

The college should not let its international community suffer financially because of its poor communication skills.   

International students find insurance process frustrating

By | Feb 22, 2023

International students at Ithaca College were confused when their health insurance was abruptly denied in Fall 2022. They were informed that their insurance will not be accepted for Fall 2023.

Shot at health: marketplace gives young adults insurance options

The recently implemented portion of the Affordable Care Act gives young adults another way to buy insurance, marking a milestone for what experts say is a population that has traditionally had the highest rate of uninsured people in the U.S.

Why young people should care about healthcare

By | Nov 1, 2012

The Affordable Care Act is a hot-button issue this election season. But for students, this new extension allowing them to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26 isn’t the only health issue they should be concerned about.

Election central: taking a look at the most contested issues in the 2012 election

By | Oct 11, 2012

With a three-part series, The Ithacan will take a look at the most contested issues in the 2012 presidential election